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WARNING:  Humor And Blunt Honesty May Be Found On This Page


How to Waste Money in Your Virginia Divorce

1.  Hire a Virginia divorce lawyer who doesn't use email and PDF files.

2.  Call or send your divorce lawyer an email as often as you think about your case.

3.  Hire a divorce lawyer based in Alexandria for your case in Manassas.

4.  Have your divorce lawyer spend two hours on how to divide a $213.56 marital debt with your spouse.

5.  Refuse to work on a reasonable settlement of your case because you "just want the judge to decide".

6.  Send your divorce lawyer a tall stack of unorganized, unlabeled, and well-stapled documents.

7.  Instead of following your Virginia divorce lawyer's advice, follow your co-worker's advice since she went through a "very similar" divorce eleven years ago in North Carolina.

8.  Question your divorce lawyer's every move (no matter how big or small) and put those television episodes of "Divorce Court" and "Boston Legal" to good use.

9.  Refuse to do the homework assigned to you by your Virginia divorce lawyer.  Tell him "that's your job."


How to Prioritize Your Limited Money in Your Divorce

1.  Hire a Virginia divorce attorney to handle all aspects of your case/matter/settlement; or

2.  Hire a Virginia divorce attorney to handle only out-of-court matters OR only in-court matters; or

3.  Hire a Virginia divorce attorney to both negotiate and draft a written settlement agreement; or

4.  Hire a Virginia divorce attorney to draft a written settlement agreement in which all issues have already been agreed upon/settled between you and your spouse; or

5.  Hire a Virginia divorce attorney to consult with you and review a written settlement agreement drafted by your spouse's lawyer; or

6.  Lastly, if you believe you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, then hire a Virginia divorce attorney for a good, long legal consultation (From a cost vs. benefit perspective, a consultation is the best money you will spend in or on your Virginia divorce/family law matter).


How to Pay a Little Money Now Instead of a Lot of Money Later in Your Virginia Divorce

1.  Do not wait to consult with a Virginia divorce lawyer.  Having a consultation does not mean you are divorcing, but it will help you avoid making really bad decisions based upon myth, legend and what you "read on the internet."

2.  If you have the money, then don't "go cheap" and try to do your own marital settlement agreement by downloading something from the internet, no matter how smart you are or how many degrees you have.  Hire a local Virginia divorce attorney to draft the agreement.  Expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $1,500 for a good and comprehensive agreement that takes your particular situation fully into account.  Otherwise, if you "go cheap" you'll likely end up paying many thousands of dollars in a few years when the deficiencies of your $29.99 internet agreement land you in court.  In short, remember that you usually get what you pay for.


How to Prolong or Damage Your Virginia Divorce

1.  Wait until the last minute to hire a Virginia divorce lawyer.

2.  Lie to your divorce lawyer.  Tell half-truths to your divorce lawyer.  Keep your divorce lawyer in the dark. Wait until the last possible moment to tell your divorce lawyer the "whole story."

3.  Be irrational, unreasonable or rude (or better yet, all three simultaneously), especially in a deposition, in writing, or in court.

4.  Do as much as you can to "get back at" your spouse, such as wasting money or damaging property, sending nasty emails or text messages, sharing your disagreements with your children, sabotaging your spouse's employment, alienating your spouse's relatives, etc.

5.  Tell your Virginia divorce lawyer that "money is not important, I just want to win."


How to Launch Your Virginia Divorce (Some Options to Consider)

1.  Work on a settlement agreement with your spouse before filing for divorce.

2.  Work on a settlement agreement with your divorce lawyer before filing for divorce.

3.  Work on a settlement agreement with your spouse and your respective divorce lawyers before filing for divorce.

4.  File for divorce and then try to work on a settlement agreement.


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