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Latin and Other Terms in Virginia Divorce and Family Law


Ad Litem - For the suit or action, usually used in "Guardian ad Litem."

A Mensa Et Toro (or Thoro) - Literally "from table and bed."  A form of divorce that is not final.

A Vinculo Matrimonii - Literally "from the bond of marriage."  A form of divorce that is final.

De Novo - Anew.  A trial de novo is a new trial.

e.g. - Abbreviation for Exempli Gratia.  For example. 

Et al. - Abbreviation for et alii, et aliae, and et alia.  Literally "and other things."

Ex Parte - From one side only, literally "from a party."

Ore Tenus - By word of mouth.  A type of divorce hearing.

Ibid. - Abbreviation for ibidem. In the same place.

i.e. - Abbreviation for Id Est. That is.

In Camera - In private, literally "in a chamber."

In Limine - On the threshold.  A motion in limine is a very short or quick motion.

In Re - Regarding, or literally "in the matter of."

Nunc Pro Tunc - Now for then.  Usually used to indicate something done retroactively.

Pendente Lite - While the suit is pending.  Something done before the final hearing or final order.  Temporary.

Per Se - Literally "by or in itself".  Intrinsically.

Pro Bono - The full phrase is "Pro bono publico" or for the public good. 

Pro Se - For himself.  When you do not have a lawyer, you are pro se.

Subpoena - Literally "under penalty." 

Versus - Against


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