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Manassas (Prince William County) Virginia Divorce and Other Family Law Actions

      Generally speaking, all domestic and family law matters (including divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony) and equitable distribution of assets/debts) in Manassas, Manassas Park, Bristow, Brentsville, Dumfries, Lake Ridge, Woodbridge, Gainesville, Haymarket, Occoquan, Quantico and other areas of Prince William County, Virginia are heard in either or both the Circuit Court of Prince William County and/or the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court of Prince William County.  Both Courts are located in the same building (pictured above) at 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, Virginia.  Family and divorce attorney Ronald Robinson has over 18 years of trial experience in these Manassas and Prince William County courts.  Mr. Robinson has law offices in Manassas, Virginia (less than 5 minutes from the courthouse). Click here for an Office Consultation or Phone Consultation.



Left Photo: The view from the front of the courthouse looking toward the primary parking lots

Center Photo: Front entrance of courthouse (Ground floor: Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, 3rd floor: Circuit Court)

Right Photo: The third floor (Circuit Court) elevators


Left Photo: The view to the left as you step out of the 3rd floor elevators (docket board, information desk, and benches)

Center Photo: The docket board with case names and courtroom numbers listed

Right Photo: Room 314 clerk's office for divorce-related files, motions and orders in Circuit Court



Photo: Additional parking one block from Courthouse at the corner of Peabody and Mosby

(Planning and Timing: park + walk + security check + elevators to 3rd floor = 10-20 minutes)



Provided below are several links to resources helpful for Manassas divorce and other family law issues in Prince William County, Virginia.


Information for Filing Pro Se Divorce in Manassas (Prince William County) Virginia

Prince William County Circuit Court

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Directions to the Judicial Center (Courts) in Manassas (Prince William County) Virginia

Prince William County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Forms

Prince William County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

Another but different link to Prince William County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

Child Support Enforcement - Virginia Department of Social Services

Assistance with Protective Orders

Prince William County Bar Association



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