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Myths, Legends, and Half-Truths (or things about which you should speak with a full-time divorce attorney)

  1. I have just one quick question.

  2. We can get divorced quickly because my spouse will admit to the adultery.

  3. I can't go to court for any relief/help because I don't have a one year separation yet.

  4. I can't go to court because my spouse won't move out.

  5. I'm married, have a couple of kids, and own a home.  I'd like to avoid court, divorce my spouse in the next month, and do it for less than $1,000.  I know this is possible because I saw an advertisement on the internet.

  6. I have no financial obligations on the marital home because both the deed and mortgage are in my spouse's name, the home's value is "upside down," and I've told my spouse that he can have the home.

  7. It's always best to get something in writing right away.

  8. The law says our marital property and debts must be split 50/50.

  9. I'm entitled to 50/50 custody of my kids.

  10. I've been sleeping in a separate bedroom, so I'm already "legally" separated from my spouse.

  11. We agreed to separate, therefore she can't file a fault divorce against me.

  12. I won't need to pay spousal support because my spouse can work and support herself.

  13. The spousal support I pay will only last for 50% of the length of our marriage.

  14. Big law firms or "top ten list" lawyers are better than small law firms or solo attorneys.

  15. My spouse needs to account for how she spends the support I give her.

  16. The judge won't order the marital home to be sold because I have children and they need a place to live.

  17. If I move out, I'll be charged with desertion or abandonment.

  18. We've only been married for a couple of years, so my spouse won't get a portion of my future retirement.

  19. I'm not turning over any financial records unless ordered by a judge.

  20. Reaching a quick settlement agreement is always best.

  21. My spouse committed adultery, so I get the house.

  22. Neither of us has any "fault grounds" so this case will be required to settle out of court.

  23. Child support is just a formula, so there is no reason to go to court or argue about the amount.

  24. If the judge splits the assets 50/50 then she'll split the debts 50/50.

  25. I don't need a vocational expert at trial, I can testify to what my unemployed spouse should be earning.

  26. The judge will order my spouse to abstain from drinking alcohol, make sure our children eat their vegetables, do their homework, and wear a helmet when riding their bikes.

  27. The court will order my spouse to pay most of my attorney fees.

  28. If I sign a settlement agreement drafted by my spouse, then we can always go to court and change it later.

  29. The attorneys want us to go to trial so they can make more money.

  30. The attorneys want us to settle so they don't have to work hard and prepare for trial.

  31. The judge will hear my story and fix everything in her court order.

  32. I can save a bunch of money by borrowing a friend's marital settlement agreement and just making a few changes without a lawyer.

Last updated: 10/08/2013


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